===Welcome to our new Wiki!===

We hope you can get some good information about the changes in the family within this!

Peace out, the guys at Changes in the family Wiki.

Wiki on the changes in the family has landed!Edit

Welcome to the newest most informative wiki on the changes in the family.

We have written a whole ton of sociological information about the ten changes in the family!

The team at changes in the family wiki - Martin Rudd, Sophie Dunlop and Rob Mat Lee

UPDATE!! New pages are avaliable about the demagraphic changes in the family from Martin Rudd, Sophie Dunlop, Jess Bowman and Rob Mat Lee. These pages are listed in the links below.

Pages Edit

The Nuclear Family

The Classic Extended Family

Family Changes 1 & 2

Family Changes 3 & 4

Family Changes 5 & 6

Family Changes 7 & 8

Family Changes 9 & 10

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