Family Changes 9: The Growth in Singlehood

There is a growth in more younger, single people living alone. This trend can be explained with a decrese in marriage, a rise in separation and divorce, and people delaying cohabitation or marriage until they are older. There are nearly twice as many 25-44 year old men living alone than women, but there are twice as many women as men aged 65 and over partly because women tend to live longer. This then explains the trend of pensioner one person households, due to longer lives, especially for women.

Family Changes 10: More Births Outside Marriage

44% of births in 2006 were out of wedlock. This is about 4 in ten births, and it is also about 5 times more than statistics from 1971. Although there is a record high for children not born in marriage, there was still 85% of the children were registered in 2006, was done by both parents. In two out of three of these registartions, the parents were living together, suggesting cohabitation, and that the baby will be born into a stable relationship, although the parents are not legally married.

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