The ageing populationEdit

The decline in death rate and life expectancy increasing has meant that there are more older people in Britain. Britain like more other Western industrialized countries has an ageing population, this means that the average age of people in the country is that of an age of over retirement (65+). This means there are more people that are dependant on the government for pensions etc. It also means that there is less younger people who are able to do the more physical jobs or jobs that the older people do not have the qualifications for.

A decline in the birth rate is ment that less children are being born, this has changed the whole structure of the population. For example in 1901 only about 4% of the population was over 65 where as in 2007 this had increased by 16%. The reason for the decline in birth rate is that women now have good opportunities to have good careers and make good money. Death rate has increased because medicine is constantly improving, this means that we now have cures for diseases that in the past would have killed a lot of people.

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